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Who We Are

Youth Shine has been a leader in unlocking the power of natural ingredients and scientific innovation.

What We Do

Our fundamental principle is to empower your body and spirit with the purity and efficacy that you are looking for.

Our Vision

We aim to scale up our products, bring quality to your life, and benefit a greater number of populations.

Our Standard

We hold ourselves to the most rigorous standards of excellence and constantly invest in advanced research.

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Youth Shine is an innovative wellness business headquartered in Silicon Valley with a number of state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D sites across the United States of America.

At Youth Shine, the formulas are based on research and innovations, with statistics that shows how the ingredients bring benefits. The fusion of nature and science is embedded in every product we develop. Today, we bring consumers with naturally-powerful products in categories of anti-oxidant, holistic health and beauty enhancement, including anti-oxidant formula, collagen drink, detox formula, one-of-a-kind nutritional drink and many more.

Together, we will realize our vision of creating a healthier future.

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